Discovering The World Of Breast Pumps

Before I even needed to use a breast pump, I’d heard a lot of stories about them! Mum, aunties, cousins, friends…you name it, they all had opinions about breast pumping. One thing you find out when you first get pregnant, and then again when you have a baby, is that EVERY person—whether they’ve had a baby or not—has an opinion on the subject of breast pumping. I’d heard tales of mums feeling like milking cows, whose purpose in life was to produce breast milk, sleep and change nappies. I’d heard horror stories that it was uncomfortable also. So early on… I decided I needed the very best in breast pump technology.

Being a businesswoman, who is juggling a newborn and a fast-growing social media marketing agency, We needed a reliable breast pump—portable, as quiet as possible, and most importantly, easy to use.

Prelax SG was founded by a working mother for working mothers. Doing what we can, to make parenting a breeze for everyone. Because we know what it is like to breastfeed, work and being a mother.

With modern innovations at affordable, we empower modern mothers in having a longer and smoother breastfeeding journey.

Managed by a mini team of breastfeeding/breastfed/breastfeeding-to-be mothers, we truly understand the craziness that happens all day, everyday. 

Prelax SG Pte Ltd is made possible because of everyone. We are very thankful for all the support and understanding from all our customers. 

Thank you for choosing Prelax SG.